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When in 1934 at the age of twenty-seven, Peter Fleming set out for the Far East, his ultimate goal was to return from China to India overland - a journey he later described in the classic News from Tartary. On his outward journey Fleming travelled through regions which remain some of the most remote and least-visited in Asia and which, soon after his journey, became closed entirely to westerners. From Moscow, through the Caucasus to the Caspian, on to Samarkand and Tashkent, skirting the edge of Outer Mongolia to Vladivostok and winding his way down to Peking, Fleming tells of people encountered, places explored and of ways of life that have since been lost through revolution, war and the passage of time. Along the way he kept a diary that he never intended to publish and that lay forgotten 'in the box-room of his mind' for fifteen years. To Peking is an unassuming classic of travel literature. Subtle yet sparkling with intelligence and humour, simple yet beautifully told, it illuminates a world that travellers -armchair or otherwise - can only dream of today.'Peter Fleming's To Peking tells the story of a long journey with much that is relevant for us today. From the Caucasus to Shanghai, via Tashkent, Irkutz and Vladivostok, Fleming sharpens his keen eye and caustic wit on bewitching places and a medley of colourful characters he encounters along the way. Written with the immediacy of a diary, this is not a journey the reader will easily forget. ' - John Hare, author of Mysteries of the Gobi'The charm of this volume resides in its writing. Elegantly written by an observer of great wisdom and learning... as much a portrait of Peter Fleming as of the countryside through which he ventures, it is a document almost entirely pleasurable to read.'- Simon Winchester.


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To Peking. A Forgotten Journey from Moscow to Manchuria/ На Пекин. Забытое путешествие из Москвы в М

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