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  • Nineteenth Century Art. A Critical History.

  • ISBN: 0-500-28683-3, 978-0-500-28683-8
  • Издательство: THAMES & HUDSON
  • Год издания: 2007
  • Тип обложки: ЦЕЛЛОФАН.ОБЛОЖКА
  • Объем: 480 страниц
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In the arenas of art and representation, the nineteenth century was a time of questioning, experimentation, discovery and modernization; artists and designers challenged, as never before, prevailing definitions of art and the social order. Nineteenth Century Art: A Critical History embraces many aspects of the so-called 'new' art history -attention to issues of class and gender, reception and spectatorship, racism and Eurocentrism - while at the same time recovering the remarkable vitality, salience and subversiveness of the era's best art. Indeed, the authors insist that there is a profound sympathy between these new perspectives and the art under examination. For it was nineteenth-century artists who first addressed the issues that preoccupy audiences and scholars today: the relation between popular and elite culture, the legacy of the Enlightenment, the question of the canon, and the representation of workers, women and non-whites. In this edition, two completely new chapters examine the varied facets of architecture and design from 1790 to 1851, and from mid-century leading into the early twentieth century. In addition, there are new sections on challenges to academic painting in Russia and on the Vienna Secession, and Pre-Raphaelitism in England and the rise of naturalism in Germany are considered in greater depth. Many more illustrations are now in colour. A rich and diverse volume, Nineteenth Century Art: A Critical History will interest students, specialists, and anyone fascinated by this dynamic period.

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