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  • Wolf Won't Bite! = Волк не съест.

  • Автор: Gravett ISBN: 978-0-330-52221-2
    Издательство: MACMILLAN Вес: 170 гр.
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Gravett (Blue Chameleon) lets three watercolor-and-pencil circus pigs do the storytelling as they capture a wolf and trot it through an embarrassing series of performances, pushing it right to the edge of its wolfly patience. “I can stand him on a stool!” the pompous ringmaster pig says while the wolf poses obediently, holding up a paw. “I can dress him in a bow,” says a pig in a tutu, the wolf adorned with an enormous red ribbon. “I can ride him like a horse,” says the third pig, who wears a strongman’s suit and balances on the wolf’s back, “but Wolf won’t bite!” he proclaims, concluding with three staccato syllables that children will quickly learn to shout in chorus. Delicious circus-style lettering marches across the pages as the pigs grow ever bolder with the wolf. The black, white, and red palette recalls Ian Falconer’s Olivia, and the pigs have some of her in-your-face bombast, but it’s Gravett’s wolf who’s the sympathetic character in this case. Readers who see themselves as pushed and prodded by similarly obnoxious adults will let out a sigh of relief when the wolf rebels. Ages 2–6. (Mar.)

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